Samsung Galaxy S6 and S Edge – Orginal Images leaked [Video]

It is still time in the final release of Samsung Galaxy S6, as it is expected that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be released on March 01 2015 in Barcelona Spain but there are too many speculations and rumors about the upcoming flagship device of Samsung. One thing is crystal clear that the next Galaxy Service device will play an important role in the future market share of Samsung. With the rising competition with the companies like Xiaomi and other new comers in the market and fabulous success of Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the first large screen iPhones by Apple, Samsung is struggling really hard to maintain its No. One position in the smartphones market. Xiaomi recently claimed it left behind the Samsung in sales in China and this is really a bad news for Samsung due to the huge market loss in China and neighborhood countries.

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Samsung has made some really nice changes for its upcoming devices both strategically and hardware wise. When Samsung announced its event date for March 01 and started distributing invitations for the event it adopted the slogan of “I am the Next Galaxy” and gave different clues about the upcoming device. Earlier Apple was famous for such marketing strategies of keeping surprises and creating high curiosity.

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Samsung has also spent a lot of time improving its hardware. First we got the confirmed news that Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S Edge variant of Galaxy S6 like it did with the Galaxy Note 4. Later Samsung kicked out Snapdragon processor from its upcoming devices claiming it was overheating the devices. You can read the possible specifications of Samsung Galaxy S6 here.

Here are some more cool concepts for Galaxy S6 and this time the developers of these renders focused on the Samsung Galaxy S Edge and created some nice renders for the upcoming phone. Yet we have to wait for the launch day and it is not too far but internet is full of rumors and renders for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S edge. This is certainly the big success of Samsung before the launch.

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