Video: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in 60 secs

Companies use their own techniques for the promotion of their products which are designed to reflect the idea behind. As we have seen in the promotional campaigns, some companies capture images of the product from different angles and mention their features on the snaps. This is quite simple and takes just a glimpse to the viewer to get the massage. Similar concept has been the choice of Samsung for the promotion of its devices but now it seems to change the course.

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After working with same method for quite a considerable time now Samsung has thought to change the way it promotes its devices. The main factor is to save time of its customers and tell them about the device within lesser time. With the intention of change, the promotion department is given the task to adopt a new technique. One of the immediate results is now out for display after few months.

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With the advent of new version of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, new technique for its promo is introduced. The promotion is with the help of a video clip instead of picture slides. In the promo Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is dissected well and its most important features are elaborated. In the short duration of 60 seconds, customers will get a detailed introduction of the S6 Edge.

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It is quite amazing the way Samsung introduces its new handset in just 60 seconds. This is seen not less than a revolution in promotion techniques. Samsung is very clear with its massage, saying that when everything related to technology is going through revolutions, then why promo techniques remain old.

In this video clip the results of its back and front camera are also showed through captured images. By the help of video clip, the relationship between the company and customers will get strengthen. Samsung is expected with more improvements following the feedbacks of customers.

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