Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man (Limited Edition) released

Samsung has released a limited Edition Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man. This is soon after the Avengers theme cases and other accessories were launched by the company last week. Samsung, in partnership with Marvel announced the phone to celebrate ‘technological innovation and creative visual storytelling in the Avengers: Age of Ultron’ – a famous production company behind the Avengers, Iron Man and other famous characters. Marvel is a famous production company behind the Avengers, Iron Man and other famous movies.

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The limited edition Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man is designed like the Iron Man suite. The classic Gold and red combination with dual curves let the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man marvel truly and it looks real attractive. Whereas there is an arc-reactor themed charger with the Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge along with a clear protective cover.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man will be a limited edition phone as discussed earlier with 64GB storage, wireless charger of same Marvel theme and a clear protective cover. It will be available in Korea from May 27, and only 1000 units will be available to sell in the Korean region. Whereas later Samsung will release the same in Hong Kong and China but later in June. Samsung did not disclosed the price of the marvelous Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man and it is not clear yet if it will be available in the US and the European markets or not.

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The plan of releasing a limited edition phone is part of the big plan of Samsung to regain the profits it is chasing. Samsung is expecting to sell 70 million Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge this year which seems to be a tough target observing the first month sales. According to analysis, Samsung sold 1 million Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices in first 25 days after the pre-orders began.

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