Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ specifications and release date confirmed

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ specifications and release date has been confirmed and it will be launched on Aug 13.

Smartphone market spectators and Samsung users have been waiting for a Samsung device to heat up the market once again. But Samsung is not showing much movement to hint anything about the nest planes. However, rumors and leaks have listed some deices that include the Galaxy S6 edge+. The S6 edge+ is to set to be the successor of the Galaxy S6 Edge and now we have some details to share with you.

Fresh details are reported from Vietnam where a published report suggest that upcoming Samsung device, named as the Galaxy S6 edge+ , will being some high specs toped over the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. According to the details the RAM storage on the edge+ will be set at 4GB which is more than the expectations. Samsung was reported earlier to launch its Galaxy Note 5 with the given level of RAM. Samsung may also launch Galaxy S6 Mini this august.

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Following both reports we can say that Samsung may jump to huge RAM and we may witness the high details on both of the devices. Apart from the RAM the chipset on the edge+ is expected to arrive with Exynos 7420 which is already seen in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The details are high enough and we may see some device that will feature a new level of internal powers into the Samsung Galaxy devices.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Specs as released

The analysis of performance over the expected Samsung devices it is sought that with the 4GB RAM and the Exynot chipset the device may achieve a processing speed up to 2.1GHz. The upcoming device by Samsung is also expected with a powerful battery of 3000mAh.

The anonymity of the source of the report about upcoming Galaxy device makes it hard to believe at all but still some of the points may gain some solid base later. In this regard next month is expected to be much busy with many new devices and also fresh details.

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