Samsung Galaxy S6 : All You want to know

The much awaited Samsung Galaxy S6 has been released with its Edge variant, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with dual curves at MWC 2015. There were a lot of rumors, leaks and speculations about the Galaxy S6 but finally it is in our hands and we are going to show you how does it looks like, what are you going to like and dislike.

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Samsung Galaxy S6: What is New ?

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The Metallic Body with glass

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 is not completely made of aluminum but it’s a mix of metal and glass. The Gorilla Glass 4 makes the design much better than the predecessors and you will like the blend of metal and glass.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Side by Side

The Thinner the better

While Apple introduced Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with the slogan of ‘Bigger than Bigger’, the latest flagship device of Samsung is very slim and thinner as compared to its predecessors. You will feel it delicate when 6.8 mm or 0.27 inch Samsung Galaxy S6 is in your hands.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Volume Rockers

The Camera with OIS

The HTC One M9, which was launched only couple of hours earlier, has 20 MP camera at back but without OIS and this truly disappointed the HTC fans but this is not the case with Samsung Galaxy S6. The new Galaxy Series phone is equipped with 16 MP camera and OIS support. OIS results in better images and videos in low light and deliver smooth videos and photos without hand-shakes and blur problems.

Samsung Galaxy S6 comes in different colors

On the other hand, you will get improvement in the front camera as well. While Galaxy S5 had a 2.1MP front camera, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with 5MP camera with f/1.9 lens. If you are a selfie lover, then you will become the Galaxy S6 fan sooner.

Samsung Galaxy S6 camera supports OIS

64-bit Exynos processor

As it was confirmed already, Samsung ditched the Qualcomm Snapdragon for its upcoming Galaxy S series phones and is using 14 nm Exynos octa-core 64-bit processor. Samsung claims its home-made processor will support the Android latest OS along with hardware as well.

Samsung Galaxy S6 powers Android Lollipop

Samsung Pay

Samsung, following the course of Apple, has announced to introduce Samsung Pay, a mobile payment service like Apple Pay. It will be launched in US in last quarter of the year.

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Wireless Charging

The biggest surprise of the launch event was Wireless Charging. Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will support Wireless charging. We will tell you more details on this later. With this Samsung also claimed the normal charging process is much faster now and you will get the 4 hours usage with just 10 minutes charging.
It will be important to note that the new Samsung’s flagship device will be equipped with 2550 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy S6 side view with Sim Card holder

The Display

Samsung Galaxy S6 will have 5.1-inch Super AMOLED crispy diplay with 600 nits brightness level. Which means you can now use your phone outdoors very easily. With QHD and 1440 x2560 screen resolution it will be backed by 576 pixel density. What else do you want?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Display is crispy and sharp

Memory and Storage

Samsung’s latest flagship will be powered by 3GB LPDDR4 RAM and will support multitasking without delays. While it lacks 4GB RAM, it also lacks external micro-SD card slot. The new Galaxy will be available in 32 GB, 64GB and 128 GB variants but without SD-card support.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

New TouchWiz Themes

With Android OS on Samsung Galaxy S6, you will get the custom UI by Samsung Touch Wiz as well. With different builtin apps the TouchWiz custom theme pack will offer you more power of customization.

Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with Samsung Apps like S Health and S Voice


Samsung Galaxy S6 is actually a reborn of Samsung Galaxy series and it will truly marvel. The design, powerful specifications and latest Android Software will make it lasting success for Samsung. The OIS support for camera and Wireless charging were the surprise we got in the Galaxy S6 devices as well.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is made to use in Sunlight without problems

Unfortunately no 4GB RAM and lack micro-SD card can irritate you but the most important factor is the new Exynos processor which has still to proof itself.

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