Samsung Galaxy S7 will be just a 2nd Gen Galaxy S6? No big thing in pipeline

Many of us might have been thinking of some basic redesigning on the upcoming Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S7, but fresh reports show no such developments to be expected. A report published in Korea suggests the same Galaxy design concept to continue with the upcoming Galaxy S7. Though there are many other areas to get improvements but reports of Galaxy S7, as being a shift into Galaxy design concept, are almost ruled out.

We may find some polish on the existing Galaxy design of the currently rolling Galaxy S6. The key areas to improve are expected to be its display and camera quality with considerable boost in performance viva various upgrades. However such changes are quite usual which are experienced with each flagship release of Samsung and other key smartphone vendors.

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There are some other speculations which suggest Samsung considering the successful stunt with the Galaxy J series. With the Galaxy J series Samsung attempted to cash the market with a mix of specs creating balance with internal powers and prices. The concept seems a success as this year’s performance show Galaxy J series as the major market gainer for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +-front 2

The success story of the Galaxy J series may force Samsung to try out the same concept with the Galaxy S7. Following these the chances of any new stunt by Samsung with the Galaxy family seems beyond expectation. We may get the Galaxy S7 matching with its predecessors in basic design concept and most of its looks.

Some reports out of benchmarking tests show the Galaxy S7 with Exynos 8890 and Snapdragon 820 chipset on two different models. Both chipsets are tested well with high performance which means a considerable performance boast on the upcoming flagship. There are some rumors which show the Galaxy S7 unveiling next month. But without any official hint it seems to delay until first quarter of next year.

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