Galaxy S7 Edge teardown suggests it is almost impossible to repair, if gets damaged!

iFixit did its routine dissection of the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 just earlier this week. However, today again, the company took a dive into the S7’s other mighty sibling; the Galaxy S7 Edge. And the results are not going to make you happy. The iFixit Galaxy S7 Edge teardown suggests it will be almost impossible to repair your phone if it gets damaged somehow! Let us tell you prior to explaining that this teardown wasn’t any different than the S7’s.

Both devices share nearly same internal parts and design features. Apart from some differences and the edgy look of the S7 Edge, there is not much different. Both of the devices have the same construction, flash, camera, and even antenna positions. However, the most beneficial and the superior difference was that the S7 Edge has 20% greater battery than the S7. The former has 3,600 mAh battery while, the latter has 3,000 mAh.

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Galaxy S7 Edge iFixit teardown

iFixit also found out that the camera bump on the S7 Edge is more reduced and sleek than the previous versions due to the “ extra 0.7 mm of thickness on the S7 Edge.” The team also noted that the “battery is no longer trapped under the motherboard” like it was with the previous generation. Although, this is the positive point, but you won’t get many  goods’ on the repairing front.

In the end, the unlucky Galaxy S7 Edge teardown got only 3 out of 10 as repairability score. This is the same score its sibling got too. The issues with the Edge are similar to that of its other variant. In order to remove the USB port, the display has to be removed too and the big problem is that getting inside the device for any kind of repairs won’t be possible without shattering the glass due to a number of adhesives used.

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