Samsung Galaxy S7 Premium Rumored with 14-core GPU, 4K Display

According to the rumors and fresh reports, Samsung Galaxy S7 Premium will be equipped with 14-core GPU and 4K Display.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Premium Edition is getting more ground as reports keep emerging with rumors and leaks. Here we have a similar report showing some rumors about the features to expect with the upcoming member of Galaxy family. The rumors show the plans for Galaxy S7 finalized but for the time being only for Korean users.

Though the device may take a little more time for the rest of market, the rumors show the device with exceptional powers inside. We may get upgraded parts for its many areas including the chip-set, graphics and camera. Here is a brief review of the rumored features that are expected on the Galaxy S7 Premium Edition.

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Samsung Galaxy S7

We have recently discussed the reports about the specs of the Galaxy S7 with expectations of some variations under the hood. The Premium Edition is expected with a new version of the Exynos chipset, for the markets, except the US and China, the device may arrive with Exynos 8890 SoC.

For the US and Chinese users Samsung has a little different plan. According to rumors, Galaxy S7 Premium Edition will make its way in both markets with the Snapdragon 820 SoC. Thus users in both key markets will get the hands on the Galaxy S7 with even more powers inside.

Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors

Another area where rumors to have considerable upgrades is the graphics processing unit. The markets that are set to get the Galaxy S7 with Exynos 8890 SoC will get the device in two versions. The first version may arrive with Mali-T880 GPU with 12-cores. The second one is expected to be a special edition with Mali-T880 GPU carrying 14-cores. The number of cores on its Graphics processor is impressive and quite practical as the ARM GPU can scale up to 16 cores. Joining the high powers the Galaxy S7 will feature 4K display.

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