Samsung Galaxy S7 sales will reach 25 million by the end of June

Samsung‘s latest flagship smartphone duo the Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge  have clearly been a huge success in several ways. The two devices performed significantly better in the market than their predecessors the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Only a few weeks after their release, the nearly 100 million units of the Galaxy S7 were sold.
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Now that the initial wave of hype and intrigue has subsided, the sales of Galaxy S7 have slowed down a bit. Despite that, the flagship smartphone is doing considerably well in the market. So much so that analysts have released reports claiming that the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge sales might reach 25 million.

According to two separate reports from Korea, the joint sales numbers of the Galaxy S7 duo might reach 25 million units by the end of June. Reportedly, the Korean industry watchers firmly believe that the Galaxy S7 duo’s incredible success can be accredited to three major factors. The factors are aggressive marketing of the devices, early launch strategy,  and most of all a decent quality device. All these factors contributed to the flagships incredible success.

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The S7 and S7 Edge aren’t very different when it comes to looks compared to the Galaxy S6. But, the latest flagship series come with significant new features and improvements, including dust- and water-resistance, microSD card support, and a faster and improved rear camera. The upgrades might not seem much if you think about it, but by the looks of it, the smartphone duo has been a huge success.

The Korean publication, Pulse News also noted that the Galaxy S7 edge is outselling the simple Galaxy S7 by a margin. Since the S7 edge is more expensive of the two devices the company  is expected to see high-profit margins at the end of June. Speculation suggests that the S7 Edge is performing better because of its unique design.

In the second half of the year, which begins in July, the Galaxy S7 sales are expected to experience a decline. However, Samsung is all set to launch a new high-end device, the Galaxy  Note 7. The phablet is expected to hit the market in August. It is also expected to help the company gain healthy profits.

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