Samsung Galaxy S7 to get Sony Xperia Z5 camera sensors

Samsung is reportedly busy nowadays finishing the Galaxy S7 as its upcoming flagship. Meanwhile rumors and leaks show us the ultimate details and expectations that we may have with the next Galaxy S7. Previously reported details show the Galaxy S7 will bring a 20megapixel camera with Samsung’s own ISOCELL sensor. But fresh report show Samsung in considering opting for Sony senor that arrived with the Xperia Z5.

The ISOCELL sensor by Samsung is an upgrade over the 16megapixel camera of the Galaxy S6. As it was noted in the earlier reports the new sensor on the Galaxy S7 will bring considerable improvements in pixel resolution. Though this is not bad, but Samsung seems very impressed by the amazing camera performance of the new Xperia Z5. Thus we may find the upcoming Galaxy S7 with a Sony sensor instead.

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The IMX300 sensor by Sony was tested in the Xperia Z5 trio, which stood at top among Xperia Z5 series in the field of camera. Yet reports are emerging to give us more details but with the Galaxy S7, however Samsung seems to have a number of options. We may get the Sony sensor on all devices but there is possibility that Samsung may use both simultaneously.

xperia Z5 sensors to be used in Galaxy S7

There are also reports suggesting Sony’s plans to keep the IMX300 sensor exclusive for its Xperia lineup. This is being sought as among the factors that have pushed Samsung for hard negotiation with Sony. However hopes are high that Samsung will get success acquiring the IMX300 sensor for the Galaxy S7.

Sony’s IMX300 is also more advanced in camera pixels against the Samsung ISOCELL sensor. As we have witnessed Samsung with 20megapixels the IMX300 can take it up to 25megapixels. Comparing in this regard, Samsung will probably want to keep the level high with higher megapixels. If it comes true it will be very unlikely to get the Galaxy S7 with both sensors.

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