Samsung Galaxy S8 may feature an Ultra HD screen

The first batch of rumors for Samsung‘s new flagship smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S8 has started surfacing. The Galaxy S8 isn’t expected to appear until next February but already a few rumors are popping up about the device. The latest rumor about the Galaxy S8 is that the smartphone will feature a 4K Ultra high-definition screen packed with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

Galaxy S8

The rumor about the UHD Display was posted on a Chinese tech blog site The rumored resolution is greater than most devices currently on the market and also quite a lot more than most users require on a smartphone.

Current speculation is that the increase in resolution is because Samsung wants the S8 to tap into virtual reality content. From that aspect, the Ultra high-definition display makes sense as it would deliver a smoother and higher-quality VR experience than many devices currently available in the market. Assuming that the UHD display rumor is true, a resolution of 3,840×2,160 pixels would put a substantial demand on the battery. That means Samsung will have to find ways to fit a higher-capacity battery in a slim smartphone.

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The second rumor about the Galaxy S8 claims a possible rear dual-camera setup. Rumors about dual-camera have been very popular this year and several smartphones including the iPhone 7 which have been rumored to include a dual-camera. However, LG’s latest flagship device the LG G5 does feature a dual-rear camera setup. Both lenses on the smartphone are wide-angle shooters with one using a 78-degree lens and the other a 135-degree lens.

If te rumors are true, Samsung could be adopting dual cameras in order to better compete with its competitor, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, assuming that Apple’s upcoming phablet actually feature the dual-camera setup. The news of the UHD display and dual camera setup for the Galaxy S8 should not be taken very seriously at least for now. Especially considering that the Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t going to be unveiled before nine months at least. All of this rumored features of the device could either prove false or simply change the before official appearance of the smartphone.

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