Samsung releases Gear 360 features Infographic

The virtual reality tech has been growing in its scope through 2015 but it was not until this year that we got the tech in mainstream. The potential in the VR tech attracted the key makers in the gadget world including Samsung, which announced its complete package to transform the VR viewing with its headset earlier.

From the dedicated headsets to Google cardboard, Virtual Reality is now almost in the reach of smart gadget users. Samsung has taken an initiative to tell you about the working of the Virtual Reality with the help of its newly introduced Gear 360 in an infographic.

So, if you ever wondered how these images and videos are transformed into virtual reality, the Samsung infographic answers you. To create a VR content what you will need is a 360-degree camera and the rest is quite generic. Samsung Gear 360 is one of such neat tools that enable you to build VR content in a simplistic manner.

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The Samsung Gear 360 contains two cameras each of 195-degree which combines the results to give you the ultimate 360-degree content for Virtual Reality experience. Besides the dual camera to give you the best results the Gear 360 carry several key features. You can get nearly 4K resolution on the 360-degree photos and videos captured by the Samsung camera.

The Gear 360 camera works with the latest Samsung devices to combine pictures or videos from its 195-degree cameras. Therefore, Samsung has made the Gear 360 compatible with Samsung’s top devices. The list of compatible devices includes the latest Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, while you can also use it with Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge + and the Galaxy Note 5. The infographic by Samsung takes us through the Gear 360 exploring its parts and functions in detail.

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