Samsung Gear A expected on Aug 13 with Samsung Pay compatibility

As we get closer to the promised days of arrival of some key Samsung device details about the devices seems getting more ground. A fresh report published in the Wall Street Journal suggested that the Korean giant is going to stage its key device during specials event scheduled on August 13.

The devices that will share stage on August 13 include the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ alongside the new smartwatch the Samsung Gear A. The arrival of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ has been quite expected, but the details suggest much more about the upcoming Samsung Gear watch. The watch is reported to introduce the mobile payment system of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Gear A ready to launch on August 13

AS the Gear A would be first wearable by its makers to support mobile payment it is seem to be a good movie by Samsung. As we have seen Apple has cashed the market and set various popular concepts in the smartwatch market. These also include the mobile payment which arrived with the Apple Watch. Samsung too followed the concept by introducing its own version in the market which is set to make its appearance in August.

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It was also confirmed by Samsung a day earlier that it is going to host an event on August 13 for its upcoming Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+. However the details were focused on the upcoming smartphones and almost ignored Samsungs plans for the smart watch.

Samsung Galaxy Gear A with Android Wear faces

Samsung might have planned to make the Gear A a surprise for its users at the event but it was revealed by the Wall Street Journal just days before. The WSJ reported that Samsung is planning to bring its smartwear that will support Samsungs own mobile payment system. Though the Gear A was not pointed out by the WSJ but it seems clear that the Gear A on the list will ultimately be the device.

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