Samsung getting even thinner, Galaxy A8 to be the thinnest device

As Samsung devices are getting smarter the enthusiasm rising with the reports of the upcoming device. After fresh leaks were out regarding the new Samsung series, now we have more focused on another fresh device. After Samsung J series with Galaxy J7 was leaked with real life images, now we have leads to the Galaxy A8. All the reports emerging show growing expectation for a groundbreaking smartphone by Samsung.

Samsung-Galaxy-A8 side view

As the reports of Galaxy J7 suggested new concepts of smartphone with many secrete features the Galaxy A8 is also expected with the same. And this seems true with the leaks that were out following the same path. A real life image is surfaced showing the concept of the Samsung Galaxy A8.

The Galaxy A8 in its first reports seems to copy the design concept of Samsung’s recent devices with a metallic frame. And this design concept has well paid the Korean giant with not only popularity but also as a big sale. Therefore, Samsung seems to be well convinced to pursue the concept into the Galaxy A8.

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Samsung-Galaxy-A8 android lollipop

But moving a little deeper we find the point that differentiates the Galaxy A8 from the other metallic designed Galaxy devices of Samsung. All the smartphone enthusiasts who have their eyes set on arrival of Galaxy devices expect nothing but a super thin smartphone. As it was earlier pointed by some sources now it seems to be confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy A8 will lose more weight of Galaxy device.

Samsung-Galaxy-A8 back side

Probably we will have the thinnest and smartest smartphone with a large screen and impressive display. We also have some of the details getting confirmation after many speculations that the device will feature a 5.7-inch display with Super AMOLED and resolution of 108×1920 pixels. There is also a 16 megapixel camera with 5 megapixels on front which is average for the type of device.

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