Samsung launches Edge-ucational videos for Galaxy S6 edge

As we have seen with Galaxy Note 4 promotional videos, Samsung used puns in a nice way to take the lead over its competitors. Now with the launch of its Galaxy S6 Edge device, Samsung again opt for the old tricks with a more effective message.

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Some may argue about the puns and other cheesy things Samsung is using for advertising its devices, but it has been a successful adventure. The fresh videos show, how Samsung is well determined to continue with its old methods which have helped to sell out millions of its Galaxy devices.

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This time Samsung, back in its pun business, has built a series of promotional videos titled “Edge-ucational” which features the new Galaxy S6 Edge smashing the competitors with a full swing. And the special and indeed unusual point, Samsung launched the new campaign with the Snapchat celebrity Shonduras. This seems to be a smart step by the company. For instance, it is seen for the first time, an advertisement campaign introducing a user.

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The campaign features a degree of innovation in creating content targeting teenagers. For this purpose, content is built with a contemporary touch that make them a great attraction for youngsters. The videos also feature drawings on photos with other vibrant effect. Therefore, using not famous techniques Samsung produced some touchy ads featuring its Galaxy S6 Edge.

There are total four videos, the first one shows a simple way of creating lines on the nice display of Galaxy S6 edge. Shonduras is featured creating lines to show the tricks to make a roller coaster very smoothly, using simple straight lines. In the second video, he tells us how to apply certain filters to a specific portion of Galaxy S6 edge’s screen.

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The third and fourth videos are on the camera tricks. Its front camera gives the best results with 16 Mega Pixels. He tells the tricks and suggests how nice it is to change the opacity of lines and give more attractive touch to your snaps. The fourth video tells us about taking selfies. He tells the tips to capture selfies through pressing the volume key instead of over stretching your arms.

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