Samsung Leaked Android N’s Version Number

The Google I/O event is scheduled to take place next month. In the event, Google is expected to formally announce the next Android OS, Android N. Google has already released the developer preview of Android N, but its version number and iteration are still undisclosed. But Samsung might have just revealed the latest Android OS’s version number.  The information has been leaked through release notes for the Multi-Window feature’s software development kit which confirms that the latest Android OS will be numbered  Android N 7.0.


Android N 7.0


The change history of the Samsung MultiWindow SDK 1.3.1 reads; “This version has been released with Android N 7.0 compatibility”. This confirms that Android N is the next big update of the Android OS. Many were expecting the Android N to get version number 7.0 so it isn’t surprising news especially considering that the Marshmallow wasn’t an evolutionary update but it still got version number 6.0. So it only seems appropriate that Android N gets version number 7.0 with all its new features and upgrades.

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Android N 7.0

Android N 7.0 is bringing several new features to the table. The most exciting one is its split-screen multi-tasking which is probably the best feature of Android N. The mode is also very easy to activate. All you need to do is drag and drop an application to the top of the screen from the multitasking view. The notifications panel has also been updated and now instead of all applications being displayed in a chronological order, they  will be grouped by apps. This has made them easier to navigate.

System UI Tuner is another new feature in the upcoming Android N 7.0. It allows you to customize icons of utilities like Bluetooth, volume, alarms, Wi-Fi, cellular data, and airplane mode. Other features include RGB calibration ability, Emergency information button on the lock screen, DPI customization. The OS has been upgraded to provide faster app installations. Android is also returning back to the time when it was undoubtedly the best OS for power users.

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