‘Samsung Music App’ Beta Version Live For Galaxy Devices Powered By Android M

Samsung Music App

Samsung and Android is the best pair ever. Do you agree or not? Well, the choices aside, this pair has done wonders. We have seen different apps and functions making their place in this duo world. However, this is for the first time we are announcing something for the music lovers. So if you own a Galaxy device powered by the latest Android Marshmallow and you are a big music fan then there is big good news for you.

All those who fulfill the obligations mentioned above, they can no test the Samsung’s latest music app. The new app by the company is named as “Samsung Music App” and is live on the Google Play Store. If you are comparing this app with the Samsung’s biggest rival, Apple’s app, then this app is just an MP3/WMA/AAC/FLAC playing music with charming and attractive looks.

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The Samsung Music App plays endless music. There are different tabs through which you can juggle between playlists, albums, genres, artists, songs arrangement and many other categories. The different tabs can be changed and customized in the ‘Settings’ option of the app. You can also control playback speed, automatic volume leveling, auto-off and playback speed etc. It is to be noted that the app can only play songs and isn’t meant for different music ventures and sound tweaking, etc.

Samsung Music only works with the Galaxy devices running on the Android Marshmallow. However, we expect it to be a part of all the Samsung range very soon. Samsung Music App is also supposed to work on other company’s TVs, wearables, and tablets. The app is completely free so you can go check it out now. However, keep in your mind that it is in the beta testing phase so bugs and lags are to be expected.

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So, if you want to groove, move and shake to the endless tunes, download the app now!

Download Samsung Music App From Google Play


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