Samsung offers Galaxy S6 with 4K TVs in US

For the users in the US electronic market, who are looking for a 4K TV Samsung bring an impressive offer. By purchasing a 4K TV you will get a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 without pay.

The free Galaxy S6 is offered with a range of 4K TVs in a limited promotion for the US customers. The offer seems good and can drag a number of customers to Samsung brand.

Though you will not get the free gift right at the TV shop but Samsung has made the procedure to acquire your free device much easy. For you free Galaxy S6 you need to bring the scanned receipt with the serial number of your purchased 4K TV and submit them at the link provided by the Samsung.

The selected models of the 4TVs are made available at the 30 store in the US where you can purchase and claim for your free Galaxy S6. The retailers where you can get the TV include the key stores like Amazon and Best Buy.

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The initial reviews suggest a good response from the customers as both the 4K TVs and the Galaxy S6 have registered a considerable business.

While the Galaxy S6 has been among the key performers of its respective market it is thought to push farther the sale of 4K TVs in the market.

The offer is also for a limited time therefore you can avail it until 1st of September. Samsung offers to you the free Galaxy S6 on your own choice. You can have the device in you liked color and are with the carrier of your choice.

Three of its color choices include White, black and golden. And you can choose from the carriers including T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. You can also choose a Galaxy S6 edge instead of the S6 but with additional $400.

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