Samsung to beat competition with Galaxy S6 edge

Following many promos Samsung has released recently for its smartphones, we have a video showing one of the key features of the Galaxy S6 edge. The promo video shows the edge lighting feature and its offers against other competing devices. Samsung tell smartphone users that how annoying it is to get notifications on other devices while Galaxy S6 makes the notifications just a fun.

As we know the edge screen of the Galaxy edge is curved at one side where the curved portion of the display works as a separate window. The interface of the device is also build accordingly to enable the users to get most from the new concept. Therefore Samsung has dedicated the portion of display for notifications. With this concept Samsung has introduce a completely new way to get in touch with notifications, which is well defined in the promo.

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After enabling the notification feature your Galaxy S6 edge’s curved part of screen will light up whenever you will get a message, call or any other notification. You can set your favorite contacts and set the device to completely light up when any message and call arrive from them. It also allows personalization on the favorites where you can color each five of your contacts according to your choice.

The promotional video is mostly focused on the competition being faced by Samsung in the market. As we can see in the video with a short introduction to the features of the Galaxy S6 the promo mostly discuss the notification feature of other device.

From Apple’s iPhones, Microsoft’s Lumias to the BlackBerry Passport Samsung shows that how annoying it is to receive a notification on all these devices. Samsung suggest that while other devices just ring or vibrate the curved display of the Galaxy Edge just lights up and notifies you in an interesting way.

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