Samsung working to double battery life for its next Galaxy Phone

As smartphones are getting smarter the need for more power increases and we have seen efforts to increase the strength of batteries. A similar effort is now hinted out by Samsung to bring more powers to batteries without compromising the slimness and lightness of the devices. The researchers of Samsung claimed that their newly developed method will extend the battery performance on nano-scale.

The researcher conducted on the currently ruling lithium-ion batteries using the silicone. The use of silicon is not a new thing as the metal has been subjected to many researches. The increase in the battery performance is evident after developments with silicone but now the researchers have used it as an active material in the batteries.

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The use of Silicon as active material will change the performance of battery through change in its Charge-discharge cycles. This is quite useful for long term use of smartphone batteries as it stops frequent charging.
According to the details charted out by the Samsung researchers the Silicon anode is used for improved charging capacity. The design also includes an additional Graphene layer on the surface of battery. The effect of the thin Graphene layer will optimize the performance of silicon anode used inside.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Charging garph

With the layer of Graphene the nano particles give more durable performance. For instance while utilization of your battery the silicon expends but with the Graphene layer the durability will not lost and will be preserved for more powers. The efficiency is achieved by thru the properties of the Graphene which is physically a two-dimension structure of Carbon element. The matter has also helped out in many other researches and opened up ways for other discoveries.

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The use of Graphene in the smartphone batteries is a good initiative which will have its certain gains. With the project Samsung eye to attain energy density much higher than what we have right now on the conventional batteries on smartphone. You can also learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S6 tips and tricks.

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