Samsung Z3 reportedly confirmed as next Tizen OS smartphone

Following the appreciating sale of Samsung’s first Tizen running smartphone we have some other devices in pipeline. Just recall the reports out a week back that suggested several Samsung devices with Tizen OS expected to arrive in the market soon. Though Samsung Z1 with Tizen OS is not available worldwide but in the selected market where is has a presence it has done its best. Accprding to reports, Samsung is increasingly focusing on Tizen OS for its smartphones.

Though there are reports and many leaks are also emerging consistently but Samsung is yet to make any official statement regarding the release of any of its new Tizen OS running smartphones. Similarly, without any official confirmation we have reports that the upcoming Tizen device by Samsung will be named as Samsung Z3.

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There has been some hint outs to the Samsung’s next Tizen device which are followed by fresh info also confirms the model number of upcoming device. Still most of the details of the Samsung Z3 are just rumors and yet to be officially confirmed.

Considering the details out yet what we find in the Samsung Z3 is a not a high device but still good with its specs to feature the Tizen OS. For instance, the rumors suggest that the Z3 will feature an average large display in 5 inches size. The device will run the Tizen 3.0 with updated features as compared with the Z1.

Internally we can find good set of specs which makes it a standard Samsung device. Looking inside we can find a Snapdragon 410 processor with quad-core to give it smooth running performance. Alongside the slandered processing powers the RAM memory is kept at 1 GB which sounds good with its other specs. The internal storage is kept at 8 GB but don’t worry if you need extra storage for your heavy apps and files as its support expandable storage viva micro SD card.

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Finally you will get a 5 megapixels on its rear and minimal 2 megapixels on front camera. You may think that the 2000 mAh is not enough to power the device for long duration but still in accordance to its other specs.

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