Samsung’s Smart Glow is a feature-rich replacement for notification LEDs

This year has been very innovative for the smartphone industry. Smartphone manufacturers are producing flagship devices with more and more features because of the tough but productive competition in the market. Several flagship devices of this year feature a display that is always on to deliver important notifications and notify about other information. It appears that Samsung is trying to bring something new to the notification delivery feature. According  to SamMobile, the company is working on a new notification system. The system will consist of a ring of lights around the camera bump of the device. The new system is being called Smart Glow, it would pulse for incoming notifications and deliver important information. This new feature is expected to be present in Samsung’s upcoming devices, like the Samsung  Galaxy S8.Smart Glow

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The Smart Glow feature consists of multi-colored LEDs that are arranged as a ring around the camera bump. The feature is expected to first launch on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016). Smart Glow will be more than just a replacement for LED notification lights with the company is expecting that the feature will become an important mode of interaction.”

The Smart Glow on the Galaxy J2 will have three functions; Priority alerts, Usage alerts, and Selfie assist. Priority alerts will allow contacts to be assigned specific colors that light up when a call, message, or email is received. Usage alerts will present phone information like battery and charge status. The Selfie assist function will pulse blue when a face is detected in the rear camera and take a picture approximately two seconds later. Future smartphones are expected to feature even more functionality, including Usage alerts for data usage, storage, and memory. The cool Selfie assist feature will use Smart Glow  might also be used to direct users to the center of a frame when taking a picture.

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A Weather and Health ring is also in development for upcoming devices like the Galaxy S8. The Weather ring will glow to represent the current weather when the smartphone is shaken. The Health ring will monitor the heart rate of the user. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.