MobileSiri Scholarship


At MobileSiri, we strongly believe in the power of education for the change and continuous evolution of society. Although many have a privilege to pay the tuition fee and other expenses without doing the part time jobs, not everyone is that privileged. And the recent studies suggest it is those who are not enjoying the comforts of life to the fullest are mostly that make a difference.

We understand that schools, colleges and universities can be a major expense and how hard it is for the students to meet the high ends. The Cost of attending university or college can reach up to and beyond tens of thousand dollars. That is why, as our philosophy to value education, we are offering bi-yearly (February & September) $1,000 value scholarship to the students enrolled in the colleges or universities as full-time.

Topics To Write On:

To apply for the scholarship, one should choose any one of the following topics and write an essay of 2000 to 2500 words.

1) IoT – How Internet of Things(IoT) will Change our lifestyle.
2) AI and Big Data – Role and importance of Big Data and AI in the health sector.
3) Robot Overload – How robots are going to change the workspace.
4) Smartphones Security – How Mobile Operating Systems are securing the data?


1) Participants will have to write an essay of 2000 to 2500 words on a given topic.
2) There will be only one scholarship winner at a time.
3) The Scholarship winner will receive the scholarship award in approximately 30 to 60 days after the deadline.
4) Only students can apply for the scholarship.


Application Deadline: February 15, 2017 

Please email us the following details at

a) Your Full Name
b) Your Father Name
c) University Or College Name
d) Enrollment Details of your current Academic status
e) Copy of the Last Exam’s transcript
f) Essay on the given topic (In MS Word Format)

Subject of the Email Should be: MobileSiri Scholarship 2017 : [Topic You Chose to write on]

Terms And Conditions:

1) MobileSiri will have rights to publish the submitted articles at or any other publication.
2) Winners name and College/University Name will be published on the same page.
3) All the information of applicants will never be shared with anyone.
4) By participating in this scholarship, you give us your express consent to confirm your admission and attendance at the college or university by contacting the institution for verification.

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