Separate OnePlus 2 unveiling event for India on July 28

OnePlus has announced the official unveiling date for July 27 where it will introduce the OnePlus 2 through VR Presentation. But if you are in India the device will be presented a day later on a separate event. The unveiling event is set on July 28 while service centers are opened in various spots.

Following the rush of leaks and hints about the device all eyes are set on the unveiling event. The company has already started its process as it sent out the device for VR presentation. Tons of Cardboard headsets by Google are disposed off to expected viewers of the device on the day.

The move seems to be OnePlus’s special effort to not give the emerging Indian market a miss. However it is a special favor made to the Indian customers but the movie is forced on the company due to the timing of its key unveiling event.

On July 27 when the OnePlus 2 will unveil the event would be available globally but for Indian region the timing of launch will fall early in the morning which will prohibit the market to witness the event.

According to the timing of the event, when the device unveil it will be 7:30am in Indian on 28th of July. Therefore, on the same day in India the time is pushed forward and now it will get unveiled on a time best facilitated by the market. Preparations are already geared up in New Delhi, the venue for the unveiling event.

The special movie for Indian market is quite understandable as the year has proven great for the OnePlus One, the proceeding device by the OnePlus.

However the business of OnePlus was a little hampered by the deal between the Cyanogen and Micromax which was later resolved. This pushed the OnePlus to introduce its Oxygen OS against the CyanogenMod in India. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.