How to sideload iOS apps without Jailbreak using Xcode 7

Soon after the Apple’s developers conference this year reports emerged suggesting some relaxations while sideloading iOS apps. The reports showed Apple mulling to allow the sideloading without paid developers program account. Thus, it allows users to get apps from outside the official App Store without going thru jailbreak or getting paid accounts.
This is made possible using the Xcode which might look a little complicated thing for beginners. But following simple steps on the latest Xcode 7 beta version you will find sideloading iOS apps almost effortless thing to do. And not to forget, you can come out with it for free.
Step 1: Following the download link, get the latest Xcode 7 beta release.
Step 2: As download completes, launch the Xcode 7 and allow installation to complete.
Step 3: In the Menu Bar select the Xcode and then Preferences. Go to the Accounts and Add Apple ID selecting + button. Now use your Apple ID to login.
Step 4: Get the Objective-C/Swift source code of your desired app to sideload on your iOS device. After completing download run the sources code in Xcode 7 beta.
Step 5: Let your app opened in Xcode and plug in your device viva USB. On your Xcode 7, open Product and then Destination to select your iOS device as build destination.
Step 6: Staying in Xcode, click on the project name to install the app. Locate the identity header and add a unique Bundle Identifier.
Step 7: Here you may face an issue, a warning message showing ‘No matching provisioning profile found’ but don’t worry about it. In the team box make you name selected and then click Fix Issue.
Step 8: Following this everything else should go smooth and you will get your desired app sideloaded on your iOS device. Thus now you have the way open to try any app you wish to have on your Apple device. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.