Siri confirms iPhone 6 bends like a banana

Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus comes to face the issue of bending iPhone 6 sooner after its launch. It sounds both bad and humorous. Although they don’t bend as readily as a brief surge of Internet hype claimed.

This scandal had kept bringing news and interesting stories and now the Siri, the built-in personal assistant on iPhones and iPads also ‘admitting’ the much sought after mobile phone “bends like a banana”.

There were many videos on social forums and posts which got virus, though latter apple admitted that they have only received about nine cases in during the six days of their biggest sale, which is probably not a big issue for it.

In another virus video Apple Siri was asked about the bend in the new launched phone : “Is it true the Apple iPhone 6 bends like a banana?” And the robot-voiced app replies deliberately: “That’s what I figured.”

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While compared with its competitor flagship smartphones, the LG G3, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One, it was found that the iPhone 6 Plus stood up to about 90 pounds of force before bending, and came apart at the 110-pound mark. It is therefore vulnerable to bent but not that much.

Despite the issues and the daily dose of hummer, the new iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus, on one hand has been experiencing many of issues from the first day of launch but still being easy to handle, is certainly a true looker with deeply attractive and astonishingly slim build. In spite of its bigger size, it feels good to be held in hand with the best screen any iPhone ever had. Offered in various beautiful colors, the new Phone is anticipated to perform great in the market in the coming days. It also integrates the best battery that its proceeding phones have ever had, with the battery life extending well for almost 2 days.

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