Siri gets more powers in iOS 8

The new iOS 8 comes with more powerful, Siri app including few new tricks. Apple has continued to work hard on improving the service, adding new capabilities along with more improvements in its virtual assistant app with a voice-controlled natural language interface, designed to perform personal tasks for iOS users on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

With all its improved features in iOS 8, Siri can now be activated via voice command. It is gaining the ability to listen for the “Hey, Siri” command while plugged in to a power source. This will help the people while they are likewise too far away to use the Home button of their iPhone for activation. The new feature of “Hey, Siri” has also been updated with visual feedback, the user can see that what Siri thinks about the command in real time.

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This feature was announced by Apple during its World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) that Siri in iOS 8 would be getting several cool new features, including the ability to figure out which song is playing. This made true as its function to play specific tracks, albums, artists or playlists over the voice command, has come with new features, where user can get more or less specific commands on what they want from Siri.

The new song ID features tell information about the track without launching the Shazam app. It works by simply activating Siri while a song is playing. Siri, after identifying the song, will provide the option to buy the song or open Shazam for more information.

Siri would automatically start listening for music when invoked, and identify anything playing. To resolve that, later betas removed the automatic listening mode and required the use of a command such as “what song is this?” However, in the GM build, the feature is totally non-functional.

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