Siri is more accurate than Google Now and Cortana: Report

As the market of virtual assistant apps continues growing, competition grows side by side among the key players, including Apple Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana. Keeping the pace unbeaten each shows a degree of alertness to bring new changes. But what stands out to be the best? This time it seems to be Apple Siri.

This emerged out of poll results conducted by Experts-Exchange to judge user response for various areas of the three key virtual assistant apps. The Android, iOS and Windows Phone users were asked to check out the responses on their respective app. Users were assumed to ask four questions and give three tasks to their virtual assistant app.

The questions that were to be asked to the Cortana, Google Now and Siri were as follows.

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1st – Who won the Super Bowl in 1978?
2nd – How many calories in a muffin?
3rd – Where can I buy tires? and
4th – When is ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ coming out?
While the three tasks that were as follows.
1st – Set an appointment
2nd – Turn the Wi-Fi on
3rd – Send a text message

Siri beats Google Now and Microsoft Cortana in user satisfaction and accuracy

And as we mentioned, Siri remains the topper as it secured highest marks by the users. According to the results following four questions the Siri was correct 95.3%, Google Now 88% of the time while Cortana came up with wrong answer 3.3% of the time.

Siri beats google now and Microsoft Cortana

Similarly for response to a task, the results show Siri doing the best. According to the results Siri responds to the task command 92.3%, Google Now 81.3% while Cortana made it up to 73.3% of the time tried. The accuracy also goes to Siri as it shows minimum incorrect responses.

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Combining the results we find Siri accurate satisfying customers 81% of attempts. Second to the Siri is Google Now which gives its users satisfaction for 68% attempts. Microsoft’s Cortana stands third with satisfied customers for just 57% attempts.

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