Siri will be redesigned with iOS 9

The release of iOS 9 may bring more colors in the lives of Apple lovers, especially the iPhone and iPad users, in the form of a more colorful and smart Siri. The new iOS 9 is expected to change the design concepts for many of the Apple apps including the Siri. This will include the change in GUI and other looks of Siri, to make it as interactive for iPhone and iPad as it is for the Apple Watch users.

Apple has already considered many key changes, expected by its loyal customer, into its new operating system for its iPhone and iPad. Many new features are also expected alongside the updates in the already famous features. Thus, for the Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled for 8th of June, there are many things which the Apple lover may want to see.

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The most striking changes in the Siri, the voice assistant, may bring the more colorful and attractive interface of Siri of the Apple Watch into the iPhone and iPad. As we have seen on iPhone and iPad the virtual assistance app shows a simplistic black and white design. While on the Apple Watch, Siri is full of colors and also appears more appealing. This made Siri to get comparatively more response from the users using on the Apple Watch against the iPhone and iPad.

Details out yet are specific to the colorful redesigning of the Siri but the updated version of voice assistance app will probably go beyond the colors. Therefore, we may find some enhancements in the app including more features and improved performance. Some improvements in the Siri were witnessed a year back. This has been a long time and the Apple lovers need a true upgrade, not just cosmetic one but also in other internal features.

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Apple’s Siri now face even a greater competition after key developments in Google’s voice assistance apps the Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana. Google Now was recently announced being more accurate than the Siri while Microsoft is preparing to introduce the Cortana for iOS devices which is even a more serious competitive initiative to be faced by Apple. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.