Smart Unlock, a Smart Lock for your older Android

A single smart device in your hand holds your files, media and plenty of private information. Let it be your smart watch, tablet or the smartphone, they are blessings in their features and portability. But more useful a device became more it possess risks. And to coup these, what we need is a smart security lock on your smart device.

As we saw in the Apple iOS 8 and later on in the Android 5.0 Lollipop, the effective Lock system remains on the top in their list of features. Therefore, with certain new concepts now we have more secure environment in our smartphones and on other devices.

But right now, as most of the Android users don’t have the Lollipop update, they mostly rely on some common security options. Among these the most simple to use is the standard four digit pin code. These conventional methods provide a single layer security. For instance, no matter in which situation you are it bounds you to inter your pin again and again.
smart unlock
But now for these security features you don’t have to purchase an iPhone or a latest device with Android Lollipop. If you are an Android user with an older version you can still avail these new look features. As the Lollipop offers Smart Lock now you can have the app Smart Unlock on Android 4.0 and the latter versions.

As we mentioned the Smart Lock is the security option provided by the Lollipop. Using the Smart Lock on Lollipop you can use a trusted device or a secure location as a mean to bypass the PINs. The same feature is now offered in the Smart Unlock. This feature not only provides you better security but also consolidates your smart devices by making them complementary to each other.
smar lock
If you have an Android smartphone paired with Android Wear then you can set the Android Wear to turn on or off the first layer of your device security. As your smartphone finds the paired device nearby it turns off the security lock and as it moves away it turns on again.

It also works in the same way with location. You can set your smartphones lock with a define a location like your home or office. When you get in to your defined location your smartphone won’t ask you for PIN code.
smaart unlock
Along with the similar features of Smart Lock, the Smart Unlock also offers some extras. Other then the smartwatch you can also set many other Bluetooth devices to unlock your smartphone. You can also define your WiFi range as the unlock location. The Smart Unlock app with its amazing features is available for less than one Dollar at Play Store. You can also try the trial version for one weak. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.