Smartphone – A Best Child Learning Tool?

Mobile Phone- A Best Child Learning Tool

Mobiles, Cell phones, gadgets, tablets etc are all considered as the synonym of social evil. Mobile phones are considered as evil, detrimental and plain pernicious for children. The parents of the growing children are instructed to keep their children far, far away from such tech devices. What we forgot to consider is that when we flip a coin there is an entirely a different side as compared to the previous one.

Every situation has two modes. It depends on the receiver that how he perceives the notion of technology and betterment. Similarly, what we ignore is the fact that mobile can be the basic tool of education and nourishment of our children. The more we prohibit our children from such tools, the more they are attracted to them. Let’s wait and contemplate over the fact that why don’t these tools be used for the help of our children?

There are different strategies and schemes through which mobile can be converted into a learning tool. These are;

Use As A Personal Tool;

Cell phones are the same technology but they are the polar opposites of Computers. Mobiles are considered as more personal and private tool, rather than the collective functioning objects. While, there are certain hazards of handing your child the mobile phone there are number of gains too.

Mobile Phone- A Best Child Learning Tool

Your child is going to use mobile no matter what, we all know that. The simple point is to encourage them to use mobile, but, positively. Make different, innovative ideas for study. Teachers should form quiz in class and instruct students to surf internet and find answer as soon as possible. This will ignite the competition spirit as well as the positive use of technology too.

Strategically Designed Study Groups

Parents and Teachers should design groups in such a way that they contain all the elements a child needs to do to complete his coursework. Teachers should record lectures and send them to students, so that instead of wasting time doing useless activities; students use them as the leaning groups.

Mobile Phone- A Best Child Learning Tool

Parents should insist children to go over study material again and again, when they find their children doing negative activities. They should chart and plan their children’ entire schedule and home activities into a mobile so that they are always busy seeing what they have to do instead of leading towards malicious objectives.

Kid Mode

Keep your children’s mobile into the “Kid Mode”. The mode itself enlightens the study as the main perspective for all children and keeps all the other harmful and unethical apps away from children.

Mobile Phone- A Best Child Learning Tool

This mode is present in many of the cell phones nowadays and it’s designing and development is all focused on enhancing the mobile as the study tool for children.


These were the methods through which parents can restrict the use of cell phone primarily to education and study purposes. Now, with the modernization and prevalence of indefinite techniques to provide children with proper learning and training, there are numbers of apps available that can influence study methods.

Some of the popular apps which influence education and recreation are as follows;

Comics In The Classroom

Classroom and comics can never relate to each other. Right? I remember, when I used to be a kid the classroom was the synonym of all the dreadful things that came to my mind. But with the help of this app, parents and teachers can easily teach children in a fun way.

Mobile Phone- A Best Child Learning Tool

History is the driest subject of all. But with the help of comics in the classroom you can really enjoy conveying it. The app teaches the most important and mainstream lessons of history through the help of digital comics. There are speech bubbles on the cartoon characters, which ought to be filled by children so that you can know if kids are clearly understanding the topic or not. Children have to fill the speech bubbles, all by themselves. The famous topics include Florence Nightingale, Pearl Harbour, and Jack the Ripper.

Hakitzu: Code of the Warrior

Hakitzu focuses on teaching children various methods to code. The code and its understanding are delivered to children through JavaScript language. The app is built to incite the curiosity of techniques and intelligence among children.

Mobile Phone- A Best Child Learning Tool

The app is in the form a game. Children have to build warriors in the form of a robot. Moreover, children will have to use their own coding skills to control their self-developed warriors in the pumped-up battle field. There are two modes; single player and multi-player. With the help of multi-player mode, children can play the game with their friends. It also develops competitive spirit and the ability to stay on the front. On, the single mode, kids can manage their tactics and skills through individual hurdles.

Kids Learn Spanish with busuu

The developed countries around the world focus on teaching their children different languages. The ability to grasp different language is not common in everyone. Busuu’s app is meant to teach children different language in a playful way. Busuu has many other apps which teach more languages to all like French, Italian etc.

Mobile Phone- A Best Child Learning Tool

Kids Learn Spanish with busuu consists of 150 common Spanish words divided in 30 different lessons. After learning, children can go through light quiz and revision games to enjoy. There is also a “Language Garden” which is meant to track progress of children in a clever way. The app is basically meant for children between 4 and 7 years.

Symmetry School: Learning Geometry

Geometry is the most hated part of mathematics and seriously the most useless subject ever invented. I can still relate to all the children out their struggling to solve trigonometry and what not. But during my times, I didn’t have the opportunity to playfully learn those headache formulas and theorems. Now children have the coolest ways to learn!

Mobile Phone- A Best Child Learning Tool

The Symmetry school is meant to teach children to slide and drop counters of different colors onto a virtual board that forms patterns. The game is equally positioned between puzzle solving as well as mathematics learning. The developers have also allowed the teachers and parents to print out extra activities for their children to solve in spare time. Also, there is a whiteboard version where students can take their test and can email the results to their teachers.

What a great app! Fun and tests all in one place.

Kids’ Vocab – Mindsnacks

Vocabulary is the best way to increase language as well as writing skills, at once. You can be very learned but unless you have an attractive vocabulary you cannot develop an impression. Learning begins with the first stages of life. This is why Kids’ Vocab is developed to infuse the excitement of learning vocabulary from the earliest.

Mobile Phone- A Best Child Learning Tool

The app is focused on 7-12 year-olds. Kids’ Vocab splits the vocabulary grasping into different lessons. Each lesson has about 20 different words and phrases. All the alphabets and lines are delivered to children through colorful games. The app is good to induce the language skills in your children from early age. The teachers should recommend this app to their students too.

On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects

This is the only app in our list which centers on biological learning. Although there are number of apps which promote wild-life learning, but it is the most suitable of all. The app is inspired by the great Dr. Seuss and his research related books.

Mobile Phone- A Best Child Learning Tool

On Beyond Bugs revolves around teaching children about the world of insects. The Cat In The Hat hosts the action, with all the rhyming silliness you’d expect of a Seussian story. The most popular insects included are crickets, butterflies, honeybees and fireflies.

So these were the different apps and methods aimed to help overcome the side-effects of the mobile and technology with successful learning. Always remember that the minds of children are amateur, your little distraction and carelessness can lead to dangerous activities caused by tech. Useful handling of the mobile can be the main tool of infusing education in children. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.