Smartphone makers, who belongs to where?

The smartphone market is globalized with same products and same companies present in every region. Therefore, major smartphone makers have also established their roots in more than one country. But still it is interesting to have a look on their countries of origin. Considering this we only find a handful of counties designing and selling smartphones. The rest, including some big economies, are out of the list. Here is a brief of the countries with key smartphone makers of 2014.

BlackBerry from Canada


The Canadian company BlackBerry is no longer the leader of smartphone market as it used to be some year ago. But with its own OS and the famous BBM it still matters. With the success of its affordable Z3 this year, it has shown some actual signs of rebirth. It also has its interesting Passport and the upcoming Classic to strengthen its position in the market.

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Xiaomi from China


China has a number of emerging smartphone companies. Currently six out of ten global smartphone makers are from China. The list includes the raising star Xiaomi along with Huawei, Lenovo, Alcatel, ZTE and Coolpad. With 18 million sale of affordable Q3 this year, Xiaomi is just behind Samsung and Apple.

Nokia from Finland


Once Nokia was the brand name from Finland, but now it is replaced by Microsoft Mobile. Thus, Finland remains in the list of the countries with relevant smartphone makers. Until now Microsoft mobile has introduced just one smartphone, the Lumia 535 but still more are in the way.

Sony from Japan


Sony is currently the major smartphone maker representing Japan in the global market. It is also the tenth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Sony is currently shipping 10 million handsets per quarter which includes the popular smartphones like Xperia Z3.

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Samsung from South Korea


Samsung, the current market leader is based in South Korea. Its shipment is two times larger than the Apple. Despite last year’s declining market shares it still has powerful devices like the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 which rules the market. It’s also likely to secure its top position in near future. Another key brand LG is also from South Korea.

hTC from Taiwan


Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has manufactured an array of impressive devices like the One M8. Other notable manufacturers from Taiwan includes Asus and Acer which a good presence in the global market.

Apple from United States


Apple from the United States is the most profitable smartphone maker in the global market. Its last quarter’s shipment of iPhone reached about 40 million. It manufactures high priced smartphones including the most expensive iPhone 6 plus. Motorola Mobility is also from the US. It has introducing several smartphones which received good acceptance globally.

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