Smartwatch shipments outnumber Swiss watch shipments for the first time ever

Smartwatch market observed a surge in 2015 following the remarkable entry of the Apple Watch and consequent developments by other makers. The growth in smartwatch trends has been outstanding throughout the year which has almost outnumbered the Swiss watch industry. The data from Q4 2015 shows more smartwatch shipments than the Swiss watch shipments.

The data are released by Strategy Analytics who credited the entry of Apple in the smartwatch market as the key factor strengthening the market against the traditional Swiss-made watches. The Apple Watch has been reported a number of times during the year doing well with record shipments.

apple watch

The growth in smartwatch popularity has largely been ignored by the Swiss watch markers who have been considering it a timely phenomenon which will disappear soon. As noted by the Strategy Analytics’ Neil Mawston the Swiss watch industry has been avoiding the smartwatch developments by hopping that the new technology will fade away against the traditional watches.

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Considering the statistics, the Strategy Analytics has noted a year-over-year decline in the shipment of the Swiss watches as compared with the smartwatches. The shipment of Swiss watch has declined by 5 percent in 2015 while at the same times the smartwatch shipment rose by 316 percent.

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Following the growing influence of smartwatches some of the Swiss manufacturers are considering to enter the new market. Tag Heuer, one among the Swiss manufacturers, released its version of Android Wear in the fourth quarter of 2015. But considering the key players in the smartwatch market Tag seems far behind in the race.

Currently Apple is ruling the smartwatch market with its 63 percent share followed by Samsung with 16 percent shares. The Tag Heuer with just one percent share brings its smartwatch with dual-core 1.6 GHz CPU and twice more memory than other Android Wears. However it lacks some basic features like GPS and NFC for mobile payment system.

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