Snapdragon 820 will be a major upgrade to the predecessors

Running inside a large number of famous smartphones the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset has earned its name. The SoC was adopted by smartphone venders widely which signatures its performance. But the reasons behind the fame are not all good as we have seen several issues reported with currently ruling Snapdragon Soc. Thus now we are set to receive the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Soc. The upcoming Snapdragon 820 is made not only to address issues but also give users the best experience.

The upgrade was discussed much in the market but with unofficial details and speculations. But now we have some official details out from Qualcomm that suggest the list of upgrade we are set to experience with Snapdragon 820. The details are concerned specially about its support for modem and connectivity.

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According to details the upgraded chipset with bring a new X12 LTE modem which offers speed up to 600Mbps. In addition it also gives you up to 4×4 MIMO downlinks on LTE. Let’s have a look on each of its upgraded features separately.

It supports Cat 12 and Cat13. The Cat 12 capability means up to 600Mbps speed on LTE in downlink. While, with Cat 13 you can achieve LTE speed up 150Mbps on downlink and the same on uplink. This adds upto 4×4 MIMO if used on single LTE carrier in downlink.

With upgraded connectivity and model supports users can get next generation HD calling experience. Thus it can change your concept of video calling with high quality voice on both LTE and Wi-Fi. Also it enables your device to operate calls continually across LTE, Wi-Fi and 2G.

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By measuring the capacities of upcoming Snapdragon 820 we can imagine the next level of connectivity on our smartphones. Recently we have seen improvement in native chipsets by Apple, Samsung and others. The next Snapdragon will be probably compared with these.

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