Sony claims major smartphone giants will be using its dual-lens technology

Sony foresees a widespread use of the dual-lens technology in the high-end smartphones in near future, strengthening the reports of Apple iPhone 7 Plus arriving with dual-camera. Sony will be supplying dual-lens technology to major smartphone manufactures including Apple. Its technology is already being used in Apple’s iSight camera.

This emerged after a statement by Sony CFO Kenichiro Yoshida. According to the Sony CFO, major smartphone companies will be using Sony’s Dual-lens technology. He further expected a negative demand for dual-lens technology in 2016 considering the slowdown in high-end segment of smartphone market.

However, the scope of dual-lens technology is bright in future with its expected widespread use in high-end smartphones by 2017. According to Yoshida, the smartphone makers are expected to use the dual-lens rear camera system not until 2017.

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Recently there have been some reports about the use of secondary camera with iPhone 7 Plus, the first device to use it. In a recent report the KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo discussed the use of secondary camera on the iPhone 7 Plus. The KGI Securities analyst, who has a good track record with info about Apple’s plans, suggested the use of dual-camera on iPhone 7 Plus for improved Optical Zoom.

iPhone 7 Plus dual camera

As suggested by Sony officials, the use of dual-lens technology will take some times. For the year 2016, the secondary camera is expected on iPhone 7 Plus but other noted manufacturers are yet considering it for their high-end flagships.

Following trends with Apple Plus handset, with every new model the rear camera is upgraded with a premium feature. With iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus Apple added up Optical Imaging Stabilization on their rear camera. The OIS feature which gives clear images even with shaky hands was although not employed on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. As reported, the iPhone 7 Plus will probably employee the secondary camera as its premium feature.

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