Sony to announce Xperia Z6 in coming January? or it is something else?

With its fascinating trio released in the last quarter of this year, Sony seems fully prepared to welcome 2016 with a bang. This is what we can extract out of the invitations being circulated by Sony for the event it has scheduled in the first week of January. On 5th of January just a month to go, Sony has scheduled the CES 2016 news conference. The visuals with the invitation show a number of devices include headsets, wearable, camera, a slim Tv and most interestingly, a smartphone.

Though we have no Sony flagship listed for an early January release but current move by Sony have sparked much hops about the early arrival of the Sony Z6 flagship. You might question the existence of the Sony Z6 flagship which is yet just a speculation within tech circles. The Z6 line is however gaining much sense following such developments but there isn’t any substantial clue yet.

Sony event

The arrival of any new flagship such as the Xperia Z6 is yet being rejected as the Xperia Z5 trio is yet to get completely introduced in the market. The Xperia Z5 trio was introduced this September thus had a short exposure in the market as compared with the competitors. Thus Sony is very unlikely to kill the potentials present in the market for its Xperia Z5 trio.

There are some other reports which support the early arrival of a Sony flagship. As we have discussed recently Samsung is also expected to bring its upcoming flagship the Galaxy S7 by February 2016. Thus, in case of as such development we also expect Sony to introduce its version to compete in the Android market. For Sony it may not be an easy task as current Xperia Z5 trio already stands against devices in different ranges. The arrival of any new flagship will also ask something unique and different from the Xperia Z5 trio. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.