Sony Xperia C5 prototype recovered by Brazilian police

Though we have leaks from various sources about the devices of key smartphone manufacturers but having a leak by Police is quite unusual. But this thing has happened in Brazil where Police has recovered a prototype of a device. The prototype is reported to be the expected model of Sony the Xperia C5 Ultra. Thus the upcoming Xperia device is now up in the market thru details by Brazilian Police.

According to the Police reports the prototype of the upcoming Sony device was stolen and was offered for sale on a website. The recovered prototype is said to be worth $12million. This all was done after a sting operation performed by local police. The police agents called the sellers for a deal and arrest him after conformation.

The culprits have stolen the prototype from the certification company who owned it. According to the company the device will carry a price tag around $893 in the Brazilian market after its launch. Police reports suggested the actual matter only and avoid providing other details about the device. But some of the apparent details which are unable to hide like the size and design concept were out after the new emerged.

Sony Xperia C5 prototype

Considering the reported appearance of the device it seems holding a large display with matching design concept of Xperia devices. The bezels and camera are there on the expected positions. The display is suggested to be 5.5inches with up to 1080pixel resolution.

If the apparent details are kept as per expectations then the device would be featuring calculated internal specifications. The device will probably hold an octa-core MediaTek processor with RAM memory up to 2 GB. The specifications are anticipated according to the expected natures of the device. The camera may be kept at 13megapixels with an equally powerful camera on front for selfies.

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