Sony Xperia Z5 pictures leaked

Following the leaks about the expected devices of key smartphone makers we have the Xperia Z5 by Sony. The device was introduced by a promo image that made its way to market recently. But last images were restricted to the back panel of the Xperia Z5 showing nothing in details about the device. Now we have some fresh leaked images which show the expected device. The images are reportedly of a dummy unit of the Xperia X5 thus could be close to the real device.

The leaked images made their first appearance in China, reported by a Chinese source. The snaps show the device which is said to be the Xperia Z5 in a case. Though the protective case is over the body but we can judge the design concept adopted by Sony. The device doesn’t seem any different from the preceding device in design. It shows a similar look of Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z4. However it is not any disappointing as the device is already expected with the same design.

The pictures are mostly about the design concept which is familiar to most of the smartphone market. Still for the internal details we have to rely on older leaks and rumors. As reported by many reliable sources the device will be powered by an octa-core processor of Snapdragon 810 SoC. The same was observed with the earlier Sony Xperia Z3+ thus we may get some more matching details inside. The RAM is expected to be up to 4GB with some other performance boosting features.

Apart from the processing powers the device is expected with an exceptionally high 21.5megapixel main camera. It is really high with Sony experience and also suggests an equally high front camera. The display is sought to hold QHD resolution which well admired in the market. Sony is expected to launch the Xperia Z5 at this year’s IFA event which is just ahead to come.

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