Spigen Slim Armor case for iPhone 6 review

Every time a new smartphone comes out, Spigen usually makes wallet cases for that particular phone. The same case is here for Apple iPhone 6, the Korean manufacturer of mobile accessories offers a lot of different stlylish, reliable and cheap cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We are reviewing here the Spigen Slim Armor Case for iPhone 6.

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Earlier we have seen the Spigen cases folds open to reveal a few slots to accommodate various cards.But the Spigen Slim Armor CS Cases for the iPhone 6 are very unusual from we have seen in the past. The new Spigen Slim Armor CS Case Firstly, favors the design of a typical protective case which was missing in their previous efforts. The previous cases were fashioned to look more like a wallet first with their folding cover design.

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Unsurprisingly the case, being part of the Slim Armor family, becomes arms for the phone. The case contains an inner matte TPU material to protect the device from shock absorption. An outer matte polycarbonate frame is a Air Cushion Technology, which gives largely protection to Iphone from scratches and blemishes.

In term of protection, the Slim Armor case will show itself very handy. In case of a minor falls or drops the case can save your valuable mobile but the plastic outer shell makes the case feel a bit hollow any way. More interestingly at the back of the case, the new Spigen Slim Armor CS Case features a useful card slot in that accommodate up to 2 credit cards or IDs. Using that slot is very effortless as you can use it by just sliding down the cover. The Apple logo on the back of the device is available on the cases as well.

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The Spigen slim Armor cases are fine piece of work. They look beautiful, and bring a fine balance with your iPhone 6. You can purchase it at Amazon.




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