Surface Pro 3 available at low prices

Surface Pro 3, a tablet by Microsoft, is now available at markets with affordable prices.

The Surface Pro 3 owns a processor of Intel i7 along with internal storage of the 128 gigabytes. Last year the Tablets of the Microsoft had internal storage of 256 GB or 512 GB.

The price of the Surface Pro 3 i7 along with 128 GB internal storage is $1,299, which is cheaper than those models which are of 256 GB with $1,549. The difference between the price of the Surface Pro 3 and 265 GB model is $250 and the difference between the Surface Pro 3 and 512 GB model is $400.

The Surface Pro 3 is also available with different variants of Intel i3 with 256 GB internal storage and 8 GB of RAM along with a price if $1,299, and the Surface Pro 3 whose processor is Intel i5 along with the internal storage of 128 GB and a RAM of 4 GB, which costs $999. But the Surface Pro 3 whose processor is Intel i3 processor along with the internal storage of 64 GB and RAM of 4 GB whose price is just $799.

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The Tablets of Microsoft are of worth investment which can be a best alternate of those Tablets which cannot survive for a long time beyond investment of a big amount. Those who are Tablets lover are suggested to use them with strong trust because Microsoft always care the trust of the customers.

As previously has reported about Surface Pro 2, released in October 2013, was available at affordable price of just $449 along with Quad-core 1.7 GHz processor, 32/64 GB of inter memory and RAM of 2 GB.

Similarly the release of Microsoft Surface in October 2012 also attracted the attention of users towards it with its mind-blowing features, it uses a Quad-core processor of 1.3 GHz along with internal memory of 32/64 BG and RAM of 2 GB.

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