Surface Pro 4 expected in two screen sizes

Apple after keeping its users waiting for long has stretched its tablet screen size but it was Microsoft who launched this trend. iPad Pro was announced by Apple during its September event with 12.9inch display. Microsoft is reportedly looking beyond Apple, it may bring even better options with its Surface Pro 4. Reports suggest the sequel of Surface Pro 3 has to arrive in more than one display sizes.

Microsoft has been discussing the Surface Pro 4 for quite a long time. Many leaks and unofficial reports have been there to update users. Now we have a Microsoft event just ahead, scheduled for October 6. Thus we may get the Surface Pro 4 with Microsoft’s other devices. We already have Lumia 950 and Larger Lumia 950 XL on the list for the event. Also some reports suggest the new Microsoft Band 2 to unveil on the same day as well.

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According to fresh reports, Microsoft has planned for a 12inch tablet alongside a bigger one with 14inch display. The larger version of tablets with carry the resolution of 1440x2160pixels and density of 185ppi. Microsoft has also kept a similar level of upgrades over its other parts including design and internal specs.

Earlier rumors pointed out toward a bezel free tablet to be tagged as Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft. The new tablet with different size display is expected with an Intel Skylake core chipset. Certain initial reports suggested a huge 16GB RAM and 500GB internal storage with fresh Windows 10 pro-loaded. The RAM and storage specs are exceptional but not confirmed until now.

However, Microsoft still defends the design concept of the Surface Pro 3. Therefore the upgrades are expected with basic things kept unchanged. According to the company sources the accessories of Surface Pro 3 will also work for the new Surface Pro 4. It’s now just couple of days ahead and we will discuss it in detail as it arrives.

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