Swiss alp watch pokes fun at Apple Watch

Not everyone in the Swiss watch industry was positive when Apple Watch made its first appearance in the market. Many just went dismissing it while for many other it was a good thing for traditional watches. With a popular smartwatch a new generation of watch users was expected to emerge in the market.

swiss alp watch

Some of the companies now seems replicating the Apple-introduced concepts of smartwatch onto mechanical watches. And this is best expressed in the newly introduced Swiss Alp Watch from H. Moser & Cie. The Swiss Alp Watch comes with a mechanical imitation of Apple Watch for $24,000 in white gold.

In an impressive but short video it shows the mechanical concept on the Apple Watch lookalike Swiss Alp Watch. You may doubt its existence in the first view but it does exist and as the video shows it has got some good points to show off. As suggested by a Swiss watch blog the company is making only 50 pieces of the watch.

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With a transparent rear panel you can see the mechanism of the Swiss Alp Watch in action. The transparent view looks nice in the promotional video. As described in the video the Swiss Alp Watch is made for single application, to show Time. But for the Swiss Alp Watch it says ‘less is more.’

The Swiss Alp Watch is not meant for making phone calls, writing text massages or tracking fitness activities. But you will have a classical watch in modern looks that needs no upgrade and provide you 100% Swiss technology that you can view on its transparent rear panel. Finally the video shows an impressive watch which is claimed to have a revolutionary power source. But it is yet to show off more to get a smartwatch replaced by the Swiss Alp mechanical watch.

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