Synaptics to bring 3D Touch like pressure-sensitive screens to Android

Among many features where Apple gets the edge over Android phones is now included the 3D touch screen. With its new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus released at September event Apple announced pressure touch technology which it had already announced for the Apple Watch and MacBook. The newly introduced feature makes device’s screen responsive to pressure. But, Android phones with their exemplary level of adaptation are now going to have the same feature too.

Thanks to Synaptics’ new 3700 force-sensing controller many Android running smartphones will arrive with 3D Touch like technology. According to announcement by Synaptics its new touch screen controller will land in the markets next year. It will be a much quick move for Android world to adopt the newly introduced feature of 3D Touch.

Synaptics’ force touch solution for Android devices is expected with a sufficient use of hardware. Thus we may find some advancement in other hardware too. As the feature is set to arrive next year, it is too early to judge its other areas. But expectations are high for even new features which are not present on Apple devices.

The new feature is yet to make its place in Google’s operating system. Thus we also expect a new version of Android OS with new features alongside support for 3D Touch. Here we have three series of touch screen controllers by Snaptics including the series 3700 for smartphones.

The Series 3700 is a distant touch screen controller for smartphones that support various latest technologies. The controller is already tested in Xiaomi Mi4C with nice results. It also supports Stylus and good non-touch performance.

The second 3600 series is made particularly for main stream smartphones with silicon architecture. It carries features including double finger tracking, improved gloved touch, multiple gesture recognition and many more. With similar level of features the 7800 series is made particularly for large screens tablets. The series include controller for notebooks and tablets up to 17.3 inches.

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