T-Mobile confirms new Galaxy, Xperia, LG &HTC One devices very soon

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium-front 2

It seems to be a big news as not just a single but four of the much awaited smartphones are finally reported confirmed in at least one European country. The arrival of new high powered smartphone batch was hinted out by the T-Mobile Poland.

The T-Mobile Poland which stands among the largest operators in the country has unveiled a list of its new devices. Smartphones from many manufacturers are listed while the key names are highlighted as Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC. The cap is reportedly scheduled for release in first and second quarter of 2016.


The scheduled dates are suggested to lie in first or second quarter of coming year therefore details are kept limited yet by the T-Mobile Poland. But the hints are good to get a number of info that reinforce our recent talks about some of the key upcoming smartphones from the selected manufacturers.

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According to the alleged list of upcoming T-Mobile Poland smartphones there are at least four new Samsung Galaxy editions. Thus going a little back, we already have the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Plus on the hand waiting for a concrete announcement.

This seems as per schedule as Samsung is going to announce some of its device at the MWC 2016, scheduled in February, while T-Mobile has also listed the Galaxy devices in first quarter. Besides the Galaxy S7 the other two devices are expected to arrive in Samsung Galaxy A (2016) family.

The first quarter release will also include a single HTC One device which we assume to be the HTC One M10 as rumored recently. While for LG part we have too short speculations to judge the device names. After Samsung, HTC, LG and some others the second quarter is going to be dedicated to the Sony Xperia devices. Sony may bring its new Xperia Z6 family as discussed earlier.

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LG V10 came after the LG G4 and was much appreciated as compared to its predecessor
LG V10 came after the LG G4 and was much appreciated as compared to its predecessor.

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