Tesla Model 3 revealed, Gets 200,000 Pre-orders in 24 Hours

The Tesla Motors have introduced their latest model; Tesla Model 3 at an event on March 31, 2016. Tesla CEO, Musk claimed that the model will transform the Electric Car market to a whole new level. And surprisingly the Tesla Model 3 has secured 200,000 Pre-orders in just 24 hours.

model 3

The highly anticipated model was revealed by Musk at his company’s studio in Hawthorne, California. Musk told that Tesla Model 3 will be getting five stars in all categories. With a tag of mere $ 35,000, the car is likely to appear in public in mid 2017s. It should be noted that it is much cheaper than its predecessors and (near) competitors.

An automobile running on renewable energy resources was a decades-old dream. Tesla motors have just been making it true. The company has announced some distinct features for Model 3 such as 215-mile range, supercharger facility, auto-pilot capabilities and additional storing space at the front and rear sides. Also, the new model is equipped with larger glass windows (& roof) just to make you feel that there is ample space in the vehicle. The seating capacity is enough to be occupied by 5 adults.

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moredl 3 roof
Moreover, the company has pronounced that they will be doubling the number of places with supercharging facilities to 7,200 by the mid of 2017 (when the car will be available in market). The auto-pilot capabilities which are also found in existing models will save the vehicle from possible collisions.

Hundreds of people have registered by depositing $1000 to get the Model 3. Though with refundable 1000 bucks, it remains a question mark that how many of these possible sellers will become actual sellers. The investors are now looking for profits which have been a problem for the company since its inception. A company with losses soaring to $889m must have to build some real profits this year.

Musk seems determined and optimistic about beating the losses!moDEL 3 Interior

According to the latest details. Tesla Model 3 has managed to secure some 200,000 pre-orders in first 24 hours making it the complete success for Tesla. Elon Musk tweeted the latest pre-order Numbers and suggested to order yours as soon as possible if you want the car delivered earlier.

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Morgan Stanley Auto Analyst, Adam Jonas, called it an impressive launch. In his own words:

If Tesla can produce and deliver (even roughly on time) the car they unveiled last night at close to a $35,000 price, then this stock is probably quite undervalued,” he said. “Granted, it’s only a fully refundable thousand dollar deposit, but to achieve well over 100,000 preliminary orders for any car in the first 24 hours, even with no deposit, is an admirable achievement.

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