Tesla’s Model 3 Will Be First Self-driving Cars For The Middle Classes


Google has recently been active in planning and executing different methods to make its self-autonomous car a wonder. Recently, the team stated that they won’t send the car inroads till it is better than humans. This time now, Tesla has decided to shock us all with the news related to its upcoming car.

Tesla has now confirmed that its upcoming car, Model 3 launch, is finally scheduled for 31st March in California. The Model 3 by Tesla is considered to be the first electric car from the company aimed at regular and price sensitive consumers.

In order to confirm the news, Elon Musk’s company has even sent invites for the event. However, many details aren’t revealed yet and we don’t know about the event a lot so far. What we know at the moment is that nearly $35,000 would be funded for your Tesla car ventures. Moreover, the car is also expected to launch around by the end of 2017 or the start of 2018.

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We all know that Tesla will have to maintain a specific schedule and the plans regarding the launch if its first cars have to make to the public at the expected time. If we compare the minor details issued today with the previous launched Models like the Model X, the car has seen the delay of more than two years. It isn’t even out in public and the company is scheduling another launch. We must say that Tesla is quite behind in schedule. Coming to the Model X, those who have not yet received their ordered models are rumored to have a two-year-old car by next year.

Tesla’s cars are always restricted to the high and the mighty, in terms of money. Only people with good amount of cash were able to grab them. The interesting point regarding the new Model 3 is that it would be the first car aimed towards the average class population. Yes, finally, many will be able to own a Tesla!

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Tesla Model 3 to unveil on March 31

Selling average priced cars is also important for the company. It is significant to launch high-priced cars in low quantity but the more important fact is producing million of cars at an acceptable price. Regardless, low priced self-driving cars are really a milestone to achieve when such cars are myth only.

It is to be seen if the Model 3 will reach the same ‘auto-drive’ functionality which is available with the Model S or not. It will be easy for all those who want to enter into the self-driving world with low margin.

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