The sale of launched OnePlus 2 begins on August 11 in US & Europe

OnePlus begins the sale of its launched smartphone, OnePlus 2, in the markets United States of America and Europe on August 11, states a report.

According to a report that it is a high-end smartphone of high-range features, but company has decided to begin its price from $329. The price of OnePlus 2 is based on the capacity of internal storage, as a handset of 16 gigabyte is of $329 and 64 gigabyte handset is of $389.

It owns wonderful features of high-range, it is a dual sim smartphone, which owns a screen of 5.5 inches along with 1080 pixels resolution, primary camera is of 13 megapixels and secondary camera is of 5 megapixels along with dual LED flash, processor of Snapdragon 810 which is 64-bit octa-core, internal storage of 16 and 64 gigabyte along with RAM of 4 gigabyte.

OnePlus 2 by OnePlus released

It owns a fingerprint scanner, which works faster than Touch ID, claims the company. It has a dual charging ports of USB Type-C and Type-A, which is one more point scoring feature of OnePlus 2, which offers charging facility with either options.

Its body is made up of aluminum-magnesium which is very light in weight along with stainless steel concept. Company also offers four types of safety covers for OnePlus 2 which is Rosewood, Kevlar, Actual Bamboo, Black Apricot (non-actual Apricot).

OnePlus 2 runs company’s own Android 5.1 based Oxygen Operating System, which is being used in it first time. OnePlus has already installed some applications of Oxygen Operating System like Camera, File Manager and Audio Tuner.

It is a surprising point that Chinese smartphone company OnePlus has decided the pricing of its high-end smartphone from $329, on the other hand it is also said that this is a policy of attracting customers towards it newest handset.

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