Things we would like to have in the iPhone 6S

Things we would like to have in the iPhone 6S

The new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been among the most demanded smartphones. Though they came to be the best, yet there are things which you we would not want to be there in these amazing iPhones. And probably you would not expect these things in the upcoming iPhones 6S. Rumors have started emerging about the new iPhones which will be possibly released during the next iPhone event (next september? ) or earlier. Here we list some of these things.

It should be smaller in size

Increase in the screen size had been among the most demanded things of the new iPhones but, it was just before their release. Users found these iPhone in their hands ‘too big.’ Here we can say that iPhone 5S is the perfect size for an iPhone, if it is going to be used as a phone. So, it sets to be the first feature which would probably be considered in the iPhone 6S.

Screen resolution should be increased

The screen resolution has become the field of competition among highest competing smartphones. Though current iPhones are pretty good in screen resolution but the rival Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nexus 6 have leaded both iPhones in the term of resolution. Thus, in order to remain closer to the high-end features iPhone 6S should have the relatively higher resolution.

16GB is too small for storage

With new iPhones came the new iOS 8 which proved that the 16GB of the current iPhones is not enough to load the updates. The iPhone 6S would probably load iOS 9 or higher with heavy updates. Therefore, the 16GB of internal storage will become meaningless.

Battery life should be better

Of course, better battery life is the top point in the wish list for any smartphone. However, this features clashes with the slimness of the iPhone which is equally a demanded feature. We can expect the design of iPhone 6S to be smaller than iPhone 6 Plus and the battery to be better than iPhone 6.

More RAM with more features

Currently iPhones are quite fast though with the increasing scope of its features the need for more RAM will increase consequently. In the current iPhones we have experienced the Safari, reloading web pages while a few tabs are opened. Probably the iPhone 6S will host plenty of new features thus it should have more RAM.

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