Verizon’s Microsoft Lumia 735 likely to launch on June 11

Just recall the rumors about launch of Microsoft’s Lumia 735 that started emerging since last year. The device has been in to the list of expected devices since then but without a confirmed date. Initially it was expected to arrive in an early date of this year but later the expectations extended to summer. And finally we have reached an announced date. Following the announcement at the FCC, on June 11 you will most probably have the device in your hand.

The Verizon version of the mid-range Lumia 735 is likely to land on the 11th of June with LTE support. The Device is expected with 2nd update of Windows Phone 8.1 OS. The inclusion of UPDATE 2 in the Windows Phone are also seems as one of the reasons of the delayed launch.

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Recent leads regarding the launch of Microsoft Lumia 735 are out by a source related to the Windows Central. A leaked image, reportedly from a Verizon computer, shows the Lumia 735 listed among the device to be releases around June 11. There have been some other tips pointing out to the June 11 as the release date but they failed in credibility.

Microsoft Lumia 735 to launch on Jun 11

Verizon was also seen recently releasing the UPDATE 2 with the budget device of LG Lancet. This also concretes the leads suggesting the arrival of Lumia 735 on the due date. The Microsoft is also supposed to consider the branding of Lumia 735 and may continue its own name instead of reviving the Nokia brand.

Many changes in hardware are also sought in the Microsoft Lumia 735 but nothing is confirmed yet we may wait for coming few days for more pre launch details. Also the information regarding the pricing are not out yet but unlike the LG Lancet by Verizon, the Microsoft Lumia 735 is expected with higher prices. You can read the Microsoft Lumia 640 specs as well, which is the latest flagship by Microsoft.

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