Video: Apple iPhone 6S performs poor in water resistant tests

We have a number of Android running smartphones including those from Samsung that show off water and dust resistance as their core feature similarly Sony always prefer making waterproof devices. The concept sounds gripping but still many including Apple are not ready to follow. Though there is a degree of safety on Apple devices, but no certified resistance feature exists on board.

To check this level of water resistance employed in the iPhone here is a teardown analysis. The test we got stands among many other conducted by users or third party sources that check iPhone’s powers.  According to reports, certain test on new iPhone devices show the improved protection. But these don’t stand when it comes to water resistance, even the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus set far behind.

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This is quite understandable as unlike the devices with water resistance as core feature, Apple has never boasted in this area. But still with the usual strengths can you judge the iPhone model that stands strongest when got wet? This analysis will tell you the same. Here are the Apple iPhone models to compare in the area of water resistance.

Coming to the results, we may have never thought but the 2009 launch iPhone 3G stands the strongest among all. Thus while taking a short dive if you have an iPhone 3G in your pocket it will probably survive longer than any other iPhone model. This is what we can judge while having a look into the teardown video.

As it shows all of the iPhone models including the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are submerged in water for a short duration. In results we find the new iPhone standing with others except the iPhone 3G. You may consider the old iPhone to be the toughest of its time. New iPhone devices look smart and stylish in many ways as compared with the older devices. But they are not waterproofed anyways compared to iPhone 3G.

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